Cultivation equipment
CD Series

The even incorporation of straw and residues is a key factor for seed germination. Therefore, Kubota has designed the CD1000 and CD2000 series to comply with these requirements, but also offers the farmer a versatile machine which is ready for shallow as well as for deeper cultivation and not to forget, the mixing of the straw, performance with large amounts of residue (straw, intermediate green crops, etc.) good penetration and cutting quality, output, simple adjustment and minimum maintenance costs.

CU Series
    The weather conditions may differ quite considerably from year to year and also various crop rotations make it difficult to have just one implement to meet all requirements. This is why Kubota offers a wide range of cultivators and accessories in order to provide the right implement for all the different requirements and various conditions. This large variety together with the demand for an economic solution require a flexible and versatile implement. The CU Series has become a very well appreciated implement because of its´ working quality, its´ reliability and its´ great versatility.

    PH Series
      To meet the ever increasing demand from modern farming Kubota have a range of heavy duty rigid and foldable power harrows with working widths of 2.50-5.00m. The Kubota Power Harrows are designed for heavy conditions and are built for tractors up to 300HP. Special emphasis has been given to reliability and a strong trough design. This has been achieved by having a large distance between the conical bearings, hardened gears in the trough and a heavy-duty rigid trough design.

      RM Series
      This plough series aims at light to heavy soil conditions and tractors up to 200Hp. The standard Auto-line system guarantees the correct pulll line at any time. Smart: It adjusts automatically. Robust ploughs fitted with an induction heat treated 1 box section frame. No welding to avoid weaknesses. The headstock and its main shaft are also heat treated for maximum strength. Choice of 85cm or 100cm interbody clearance. The clever design of the plough, and of the bodies associated to heat treated steels and hollow legs reduce the weight of the plough and make it easy to lift and to pull.

      SE Series

      Kubota grass and straw choppers cope with whatever is required; every model is built for a variety of different tasks. Solid construction with a robust gearbox and very strong power transmission to the ‘V’ belts driving the rotor. The chassis is strengthened with double plating in the areas subjected to highest stress. The combination with Kubota’s precisely manufactured rotor shafts and hard wearing blades makes them extremely reliable. Minimal maintenance is required.

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