Equipment for harvesting needs to be top-notch in order to work for a large-scale operation. Whether you run a small family farm or a sprawling industrial operation with many different crops to harvest, our equipment can be beneficial to you.

From grain harvesting to fruit, vegetable and plant harvesting, our equipment can help you get the job done easier and faster. Take a look at some of our harvesting machines below. We are always getting new items in stock, so be sure to check out our range when you’re looking for quality equipment.


The Custom Ag harvester is designed to speed up the process of planting, pruning, training and harvesting all sorts of crops, such as tomatoes, beans, gherkins, cucumbers, capsicums or whatever can be grown on trellises. This tool can speed up the operations of a large market garden that produces gherkins, peppers, tomatoes and beans. Some of our products are designed and manufactured here in Donnybrook, WA.
The Custom Ag picking platform is a harvest machine used in trellis fruit for training to thinning and pruning as well as harvesting. This particular machine is unique as it has a hydraulic bin runner through the centre. The full length of the machine and a hydraulic bin lift raise the bins to the highest two stations, and there is also a model with width adjustment that can work at over 4 metres wide. Another option is front and rear forks. We carry various models, and some machines feature a hydrostatic drive and separate work stations so a crew of 4 to 10 people can work on 1 machine and cover the whole of the fruit line on both sides in a single pass.
The Samon onion loader is designed to come through after the onion windrower and pick up the onions fro the ground and load into a chaser bin.
The Samon onion windrower lifts the onions or potatoes out of the ground and puts them in between the beds ready for the loader to come through and lift them into a chaser bin.
The Samon onion topper is designed to top and tail tall onions while efficiently allowing soil and matter to leave the machine.The topper is usually run on the front linkage of a tractor with the windrower on the rear linkage for less passes saving time and machine wear.
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